Serviced Design

Maximize uptime and minimize discontent

  • We offer best solution when you need us. Our technical services on site include installation, dismantlement, repairs, preventative maintenance, image optimization such as sensor calibration and application training. Besides, we provide 24/7 remote support to look into the issue.

  • We promise our customers to respond promptly to any inquires within a hour for remote access or within 24 hours on site if required.  


  • We strongly recommend that a regular preventative maintenance service is best solution and investment to protect and increase uptime of your X-ray imaging system.

  • Contact us to discuss your preventative maintenance needs.

Trustworthy Uptime Guarantee

We believe our services are high skilled and professional.

We provide our services with our 99% uptime guarantee. If your service experiences the equipment downtime that isn’t related to:

  • Preventative maintenance;

  • Any virus attacks;

  • Installation of software by the customer that breaks the console system in some way;

  • Software issues related blocking remote access;

then we will offer a credit for the downtime experienced once we’ve investigated.

When eligible, the service credit offered is calculated as a percentage of your annual operating hours for breakdown.  

  • <99% (30hrs annually) : 10 credit/hr

  • <98% (59hrs annually) : 10 credit/hr + 300 credit

  • <97% (88hrs annually) : 10 credit/hr + 900 credit

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